Principal's Message

October 22, 2021

Hello Families,

DES is so excited to announce that we will be celebrating a Harvest Festival this year on Friday, October 29, 2021. What is Harvest Fest? Read below for all the details you will need to know!

Harvest Festival

This day is to celebrate our students and their hard work. On this day students will be exploring pumpkins in the morning in their classrooms. Any pumpkins that have been decorated during the day will be on display around our traffic circle over the weekend, feel free to drive by to check them out! In the afternoon on October 29th, students will have the opportunity to rotate through different classrooms participating in an abundance of learning activities. Please DO NOT send any treats or food in for Harvest Festival. At the very end of Harvest Festival students will be able to put on their costume to participate in the Harvest Fest Parade. This is voluntary and any student who does not want to participate or wear a costume is welcome to be an observer.


From 1:35-1:45pm students will be parading around our circle to celebrate their day. Students are allowed to wear costumes during this time. Please DO NOT send your child to school already in costume, they will have ample time to change into them before the parade. Families ARE allowed to join us for the parade portion of the day. Families will remain outside of the building during this time as we are limiting access to our school building to just students and staff. If you would like to take your child(ren) home right after the parade that is perfectly fine, please let our front office know beforehand, 603-768-3434.


Please make sure that your child’s costume is appropriate for school. There will be ZERO tolerance for costumes with weapons. Please DO NOT send costumes with weapons or gore on them. Please also be mindful that the costume appropriately covers your child’s body. Lastly, if your child’s costume has a mask, please make sure your child can see properly so they can walk safely during our parade. If your child wants to parade without a costume, we also support that! Our goal is to have a lot of FUN and celebrate our amazing students.

As always call us at 603-768-3434 with any questions or concerns.