Erin Gokey-Kaik

We have reached 70 days of school! WOW!!! Of course to mark this important day Zero the Hero made an appearance and provided the students a fun craft to demonstrate how to make 70! We built the number 70, explored how many tens make up 70, counted by one’s and ten’s and then made a snowman out of the number 70! Be sure to check out our adorable snowmen!

For the past two months we have been working on R and O in ROCKS! (R-responsibility, O-Opportunities).


Our kindergarten students were caught being RESPOSIBLE by cleaning up their messes after snack, lunch or a messy art project! Also, students were responsible by taking care of their cubbies each afternoon (making sure they were neat and all materials were taken home that needed to go home).


Kindergarten students were given lots of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge! In math we had been learning the names and attributes of 2D and 3D shapes. To end our unit on shapes students were invited to the “Shape Café.” Students were served a variety of goodies, but only if they could name the shape and tell if it was a 2d or 3d shape! Great news; all students were able to enjoy tasty treats such as cereal, Hersey Kisses, marshmallows, pepperoni, cheese cubes and so much more!

Another way students had the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge was by hearing a CVC word and then writing the sounds they heard shaving cream. The students LOVED getting messy in this activity! Finally, students were given the opportunity to draw their own winter scene in the shaving cream as a reward for all their hard work.