Information on Ragged Mountain Passes

Good morning, Parents and Guardians of DES Students, Danbury middle school students and Danbury high school students!

I bet you are wondering when you will be receiving your child's Ragged Mountain Season Pass. DES has been working hard to facilitate this process for you. This is the updated plan to expedite the process.

The short story is.... Parents and guardians must visit the Ragged Mountain ticket booth to pick up their child's FREE 2020-2021 Ragged Mountain Season Pass.

The long story is....So far, DES has brought all of the season passes that were returned to us by parents as well as the $5 per pass that several parents opted to pay instead of returning the RFID card (season pass) from 2019-2020 to Ragged Mountain. All DES student pictures have been taken and delivered to the mountain to be added electronically to their season pass recognition software. If you are a middle school or high school student that sent me a picture of yourself, I also sent those pictures to Ragged.

Parents and guardians, if you have not already completed the online LIABILITY WAIVER, you must do so before Ragged Mountain will issue your child a season pass. A waiver must be completed for each student by a parent or legal guardian. A link to the waiver can be found HERE. Many parents may have already completed the waiver. I do not have access to the list of students that still need to have the waiver completed. That information is with Ragged Mountain. Ragged Mountain will be holding all of the season passes in their ticket office until a parent or guardian is able to visit their office to pick up their child's season pass. Danbury Elementary School WILL NOT have possession of the passes and distribute them to students, as previously planned. If you would like to access your child's 2020-2021 Ragged Mountain season pass, you must go to the ticket office to obtain it. Parents and guardians that have not returned last year's passes to DES or have not brought $5 to DES for a new RFID card should be prepared to either present last year's pass or $5 to the ticket booth agent prior to receiving the 2020-2021 pass.

It looks like we might be getting a bunch of snow this year! Please make it a priority to obtain your child's pass, so he or she can enjoy the slopes at no cost to you.

Please connect with me if you have ANY questions.