Grade 1

Lauren Moran

In 1st Grade, we've had a great Fall, full of learning and fun! We worked as a class to fill our Kindness Jar by remembering to use our words and actions to be "Kindness Superheroes" every day. In November, we filled our jar and enjoyed a classroom PJ day celebration! Here's a little bit about what we've been learning:

ELA/Reading - We’re finishing up our unit focusing on long vowel sounds in words with “Magic/Silent E” (ex: hop + e = hope). The theme of our reading selections in this unit was human and animal communities.

Math - Adding within 20, using strategies like drawing it out, making 10, counting on and hopping on a number line.

Fundations/Writing - It’s all about those bonus letters! We’ve been working with words ending in -ll, -ss, -ff, and -zz.. We’ve also been writing weekly in our journals about all kinds of things, like our favorite toys, our pets, or a fun place we’ve visited! Next, we are moving on to opinion writing.

Science - Understanding how spikes, shells, and scales can help an animal defend itself.