Grade 1

Lauren Moran

Wow! The month of January just flew by! In January, we celebrated the “C” in DES R.O.C.K.S.- Character. To do this, we focused on a growth mindset and reminded ourselves that we may not know how to do something yet, but we can learn. These 1st graders proved this during our Ragged ski days. It was a little scary for some at first, but they kept trying and had SO much fun along the way!

In our classwork, we’ve been focusing on our independent reading skills. We just started using “Think Marks” when reading to help focus our attention on important parts of the story. This gives students a chance to mark a favorite part, an important part, or a part that made them LOL! They are a big hit! We also just wrapped up our math module on addition and subtraction with teen numbers - we’re looking forward to working with measurement and data next.

In February, we’ve got some exciting things happening! We started off the month in full swing by learning about Groundhog Day. We learned about a groundhog’s appearance, how they burrow and hibernate, and what happens on this interesting holiday. We then explored some shadow science! This month, we’ll also be celebrating our 100th day of school. February will be full of fun, and, of course - lots of learning!