Board Reports

Principal’s Report - September, 2022

New Faces

The year has started and we have welcomed new staff members to the DES team! In fifth grade, we welcome Ashley Hill. This is Ashley’s first year in a classroom and we are so excited to have her on our team. Our new guidance counselor Jeffery Furlone was welcomed to our building just this week. We are so eager to have him as part of our team and a strong advocate for our students. Supporting our students in classrooms we have welcomed Brianna St. Clair. DES is fortunate to have a strong team and we are eager to see the success of our students this year.

Danbury teachers and students are excited to be back at school for the 2022-2023 school year! Our DES teaching team has returned and our student population has grown. We are thrilled to share that our population of students is up to 76 students!! Over the summer, there was planning put into action to support teachers and students in our continuous growth. Much of our work was put into our new English Language Arts curriculum CKLA. Teachers worked this summer to learn more about the curriculum determining best practices and teaching strategies. To support this process, CKLA coaches were selected in each building and will support the team of teachers through our year of implementation. We are all very excited to see the success our students will experience this school year!

First Days

The first days of school went well as teachers began developing routines and students continued to create a sense of community within their classrooms and throughout the school. Teachers and support staff will be conducting academic assessments throughout the first weeks in order to prepare and implement appropriate individualized instruction for students.

As always, the school looks great and is safe for our young learners, thanks to our facilities and grounds team! Our classrooms are well organized and students are enjoying the new tables, stools, and flexible seating options. Just this week Promethean boards have been set up at DES and we are eager to use them in classrooms. Our multi-purpose room (MPR) has also returned to function as our cafeteria for students to eat lunch in every day. This is the first time in 3 years our students have had the chance to eat as a group in the MPR and we are pleased to share how incredible the AbbeyGroup has been as our new breakfast and lunch program! Our open house date is set for Monday, September 19th from 6:00-7:00pm.