Board Reports

SAU #4 School Board Principal’s Report – January, 2022


During our last month students were developing their knowledge of our core value “Opportunity.” During this month students had the opportunity to read to other classrooms, try out different learning and challenge themselves in unique ways. As a school we gave back to our community by creating holiday cards and care bags that included hand sanitizer, cream and treats.

Caroling at DES

DES was lucky to have the High School Choir visit the week before vacation. Our students were eager to listen to holiday songs and sing along with the choir. After their performance our very own Kris Roberts (speech pathologist) took out her banjo and conducted a sing-along with our students. It was another wonderful opportunity for our students.

In the Classrooms

Kindergarten: Students explored shapes during their last math module. The amazing Mrs. Gokey-Kaik created a “shape café” where student’s explored food that they would find in their daily live in all different shapes. This real life experience for students has shown growth for our Kindergarten class.

First grade: Students have been learning about animal and human communities. Through reading and science students have been discovering more about the similarities and differences of places around the world.

Second grade: In science our second graders have been learning about the properties of glue and designing their own glue. Tasked with the challenge to make a more effective glue for our school, students have been having changing and growing their theories.

Third/Fourth Grade: Has been working hard in all subject areas. All mathematicians are working to solve addition, subtraction and multiplication and division problems. In language arts they are working to understand main idea and writing their own stories, concentrating on one main idea per paragraph.

Fifth Grade: As winter approaches a lot of learning is happening in fifth grade! In math, we are exploring how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. In ELA, we are diving into more complex text that discusses how humans and animals adapt to the environment. As writers, we are we are working hard to create persuasive essays. For science, we are taking on the role of food scientists and investigating the chemistry of food.