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Seavey’s Superstars (K/1)

In Kindergarten, we are working hard at mastering addition and subtraction Math Facts. There are a total of 36 facts to work on by the end of the year! In order to improve our fluency of these facts, I am sending home flashcards for you to practice with your child every night. Please spend at least 5 minutes going over these facts. Your children will be very familiar with addition but not necessarily subtraction, as it has not formally been introduced. They may use fingers as a tool but need to know the facts in 3 seconds (3 Mississippi) :)

We have recently started a reading incentive challenge at our school. All students are working on reading 300 minutes total. They are earning stars of different colors depending on how many minutes they read. K/1 students have the opportunity to read during Quiet Time as well as during their interventions. They may also choose to read before school in the multi-purpose room. I’m sending home copies of paper books or decodable readers for your child in addition to the DRA leveled books that come home nightly. Please make sure your children are reading every day in order to improve fluency and decoding.