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Seavey’s Superstars (K/1)

Mrs. Seavey's Superheroes have been doing an awesome job with the transition from Mrs. Seavey leaving to go on her maternity leave. We welcome back Mrs. Boudrais as her substitute for the spring!

In Kindergarten math, we have been working on knowing the difference between whole and part in a number sentence. We have been using number bonds and we have been learning SUBTRACTION! We have learned that take-away and minus mean the same thing. In literacy we are reading the Little Engine that Could. The students are also learning vocabulary that goes along with this week’s story; mountain, train, tracks, passenger, and roadhouse. Fundations has students working hard knowing all of the letters and their sounds. Students are able to spell a word if the letters are sounded out for them. They also are able to sound out a word by themselves. Alyssa has been a really great helper this past week since Mrs. Seavey left. She helps put materials away and has been helping out with calendar too!

Our first graders just finished module 3 in our Eureka math program. All the students have been working very hard. Some of the concepts on their last exam were Ordering and Comparing Length Measurements as Numbers. Students were asked to use both addition and subtraction to solve within 20. They also needed to order 3 objects by length. In literacy our first graders are reading about Orville and Wilbur Wright. Students are being introduced to simple machines. This week our vocabulary words are convenient, equipment, gadget, engine, pilot, steer, cellar, furnace. They are working really hard sounding out words that have 5 sounds. Students can correctly identify blends and digraphs in words as well. Conner P. has had a wonderful week this week. He has been very focused in class and did a super job on his math assessment. Keep it up Conner P!