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Seavey’s Superheroes (K/1)

Prize Speaking! In Kindergarten, your child came home with a Nursery Rhyme in their Home Connection folder. Please practice with them daily so they can memorize their poem for 1/27/17, the Prize Speaking Preliminaries. Kindergarten will recite their poem in front of the school but they will not be a part of the judging process. This is a great public speaking opportunity and works on speaking and listening skills. First grade received their poems as well. The theme is Animals. Children should be working hard to memorize their poem at home and work on speaking loudly and clearly. This is their first year for being a part of the judging process. Finalists will be chosen to speak at Prize Speaking night on 1/31/17.

We are Readers! It is that time of year in Kindergarten where your child is starting to put their letter/sound knowledge to work and they are blending and sounding out words! Remember Decodable readers are in their folders every week to practice as well as just-right DRA leveled books in their book buddy bags. Encourage them to show you tapping which is a tool we use with our Fundations program. Please read your weekly Fundations Newsletters to work on specific CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words to tap with your child. In addition, we are learning to form upper case letters. Please practice correct letter formation with your child.