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Second Grade Stars

2nd Grade I can not believe that the year has come to an end. This group of second graders have matured so much this year and have become responsible students. They have overcome obstacles such as persevering through a difficult problem, disagreement with a friend, or taking a math test! They have become writers who are able to continue the story from beginning to end. They have also become students who can work with a partner and are successful no matter who they are put with. The class has learned how to teach others rather than tell them the answer. They have also learned how to keep their desks organized and know where their materials are. I am very confident that this class will thrive in third grade as the material becomes more difficult. Please continue to read over the summer so they keep everything they have gained this year! Thank you for allowing me to spend this year with these second graders and watching them grow. I hope you have a great summer!