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5th Grade

Months seem to fly by in fifth grade! It is hard to believe students had their last trip to Ragged Mountain on Wednesday. Also, after a month of practicing, students finally performed their poems for Prize Speaking. I was very proud of all the students who worked hard to memorize their poems and recite them in front of the whole school.

After completing a unit on inventors and artist in ELA, we are beginning a unit about adapting to different situations. While reading stories about adapting, students will practice fluency, making inferences, and generalizations. Our grammar lessons for this unit are about pronouns: subject verse object, antecedents, possessive pronouns, indefinite pronouns, and reflexive pronouns.

In math we are working on equivalent fractions and understanding that multiplying and dividing by forms of one (3/3, 8/8, etc.) does not change the value of a number. This work will be invaluable in operations with fractions and ratios. Please continue drilling basic multiplication facts as it makes work with fractions much easier!

I was excited to introduce the students to their first major research project this year. Each student has been assigned an explorer and is using multiple resources to research and graphic organizers to take notes. Students have begun drafting essays including information about the explorer’s early life, explorations, important contributions, an introduction, and conclusion. Students will also learn how to cite sources and choose a technological tool to share their research with the class.

Coming up next week is a field trip to see Story Pirates and another trip to NMMS for band and chorus.