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5th Grade

This week was our first week at Ragged Mountain and many students have been enjoying learning a new sport or perfecting one they already know. Our trip to the mountain was fun and challenging and we look forward to four more lessons. Please remember that on Wednesdays it is especially important to send warm socks, gloves, neck/face warmers, layers of pants, etc.

We also had our first trip to NMMS for band and chorus lessons. It is nice for students to have the opportunity to visit the middle school to get familiar with the building. It is helpful to get to know other fifth grade students since it won’t be long before they will be sharing their sixth grade year with new classmates.

Our literacy program exposed students to blues, soul, and gospel music this week. Although no student recognized the name or story of Aretha Franklin, some recognized her music when we took a break from reading to listen to Respect. In writing, students have been utilizing google docs to participate in a story exchange. One student wrote the beginning of a story while another wrote the middle. Next week, a third student will write the end of the story. Students have learned to make suggestions, edit, and comment on another’s writing while paying attention to tense and point of view.

We wrapped up our study of the water cycle with an activity where students followed the path of a drop of water. They experienced how a molecule of water may not follow the cycle in order. In fact, lots of water is “stuck” in the ocean or glaciers or it may bounce back and forth between the ocean and clouds, never being used by plants. We also discussed how the water moves: condensation, evaporation, infiltration, respiration, excretion, transpiration, and runoff.

In math, we are working on multiplying and dividing with multi-digit decimals. We are using estimation and number sense to determine where the decimal point should go in our answer, so we are reviewing how to round and estimate while extending our understanding to using compatible numbers to estimate with division. Knowing basic multiplication facts (through 12s) is a helpful skill for our work with division, so please encourage students to continue practicing their facts with flashcards, online games, or call and respond.

Please encourage students to practice for Prize Speaking. Students chose their poems before vacation and should have some of it memorized already. We will practice it in class most days, but they should be practicing regularly at home as well. Students should have the whole poem memorized by Monday, January 23rd.