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5th Grade

Last week, fifth grade students took the SBAC standardized test in ELA. Many students took their time to use strategies we discussed in class, such as reading the question carefully, eliminating improbable choices, rereading the text, etc. They also used the ACE strategy for written responses: Answer, Cite, Explain. We have two “normal” weeks before taking the math SBAC before vacation.

In ELA, we’ve started a new unit with the essential question, “Who goes seeking adventure and why?” We have read a story about adventurous boys keeping busy in their own back yard, the discovery of the Titanic, and the life of an astronaut. While reading, we continue working on drawing conclusions, inferring, word analysis, and fluency.
The ELA essential question ties in nicely with the work students did on the explorer projects. Last week, students presented information about an explorer to the class. It was wonderful to hear the connections they made between different explorers. Marco Polo inspired Christopher Columbus, Ponce de Leon traveled with Columbus, and Hernán Cortés and Hernando de Soto likely attended the same university.

In science, we have begun our living systems unit by first understanding the meaning of structure and function. We are now learning the parts of the respiratory system, including new vocabulary terms such as trachea and alveoli. Next week, students will build a model to better understand how all the structures work together.

Math continues with fractions as student learn how tape diagrams help find a fraction of a number and learn to multiply. We have also taken some time to review operations with decimals, area, volume, powers of ten, etc. to prepare for SBAC.

Last Monday, students were excited to receive their own copy of Bridge to Terabithia. Each night, students are assigned pages to read and we discuss our reactions and thoughts about character, plot, etc. Students are welcome to listen to the book on audio and follow along, read with a partner, or read independently. As they read, students should be making “Think Marks” to respond and reflect on the text.

Reminder: Band and Chorus Concert is April 19th at 6:30 at NMMS. Students should wear a white shirt with black pants/skirt.