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5th Grade

Fifth grade is as busy as ever. We now go to NMMS weekly to practice for band and chorus. Students are enjoying meeting others, getting to know the building, and practicing for their concert. We enjoyed viewing a play at BES a few weeks back and look forward to a TIGER presentation in a couple of weeks.

Our Adapting Unit in ELA has come to a close as students finished learning about pronouns, idioms, and generalizations. The next unit is about adventures as students learn identify setting and plot, use graphic sources, make inferences, and reflect on the author’s purpose. In writing, students have been excited to work with mentor sentences. We look at a strong sentence and discuss what is so good about it. Then we label all the parts of speech we know. Next, we revise it, changing the order of clauses or choosing different words without changing the meaning. Finally, we try to copy the style of the sentence, but use a different topic to make it our own. Students are proud when we are able to label the whole sentence and choose better vocabulary to make the sentence more interesting.

The Adventure Unit will go nicely as students make slideshows to present to the class about an explorer. After researching and typing a five-paragraph essay, students learned how to use functions in google docs to add a title page and bibliography, as well as double space and change the alignment. Next, they will create a presentation and share their explorer’s accomplishments with the class.

We continue our work with fractions in math. Students have learned how to add and subtract mixed numbers, whole numbers, and fractions. We are working on developing the ability to explain how and why we solved a word problem a certain way. Many students are able to explain orally with prompting, but when faced with a blank space to write, they get intimidated. We will spend more time in this area, as well as looking at volume of three-dimensional figures as we continue working with fractions.