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5th Grade has been learning the basics of Google Spreadsheets and discovered how simple it was to create a customized graph within the program!
3rd and 4th graders are in the midst of the research process about famous NH people. Recycled Percussion,
Penny Pitou, and Franklin Pierce are a few of the local “celebrities” they are researching. Students are focusing on evaluating websites for credible information and using the best keywords to find information. Did you know…
  • Using quotes around a names or phrases will narrow your search and give only pages with those words together?
  • Using a minus sign before a word will eliminate results with that word, narrowing your search.
2nd grade has completed a Google Slide project about the planets they researched in Literacy.
1st grade has been introduced to keyboarding and using “home row hands!” The website Dance Mat Typing is a great way to start out with this, try it at home if you are able!
Kindergarten- Now that Kindergarten has mastered logging in to the computer, they’ve been practicing mouse skills and doing very well! The touch pad on the Chromebooks is a tricky thing for little hands to manipulate! This week we will be doing some fun games on ABCya.com that involve drag and drop.