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Principal's Message

Reflections While Being Sick

Dear Parents/Guardians, 
Last week, I was under the weather and spent several days on my couch resting. In between naps and drinking tea, I read and watched some television. This time provided me an opportunity to rest, learn, and reflect. I enjoyed listening to all different sports reporters and both coaches as they prepared for the National Championship. I read some articles from ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) and different teaching blogs. I watched a few interviews and news programs around the ending of President Obama’s presidency.
  • At our faculty and staff meetings this week, we discussed the following quotes:
  • “The big picture of curriculum is thinking about how all the individual units form a cohesive whole and keeping that at the forefront of your curriculum design, process, rather than taking a unit-by-unit approach.” --Angela DiMichele Lalor
  • “When ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together in collective effort, things change for the better.” --Barack Obama
  • “Hold each other accountable—you can’t do it by yourself.” --Dabo Swinney
  • Dennis Miranda said, “As you reflect upon where you would like to be at the end of this school year, what one word would you consider to shape that journey?” Some of our one words included: Nurturing, consistent, mindful, perseverance, juggle, dedicated, happiness, joy, compassionate and thoughtful.
My reflection from reading some teaching blogs consisted of our need to continue to model even basic skills to our students. For example, it is always a challenge at the elementary level to have our students in a timely fashion get dressed and undressed for winter recess. One suggestion from a teacher was for families to purchase a reusable grocery bag and students will always put their snow boots and snow pants in the bag at school. It was recommended that we take the time to model with students what is the right and wrong way to get dress for recess and undress after coming in from outside. We can make this fun by having the teacher try to put on their winter gear by putting their mittens on first and then trying to put on boots and snow pants. Lastly, we should teach our students a routine. In the younger grades, you can even make a checklist or picture poster for students. One teacher shared her routine that she teaches her students. It was put on: 1. Snow pants; 2. Boots (Sneakers/shoes) into recycle grocery bag; 3. Scarf; 4. Coat and zip; 5. Hat; 6. Mittens. The routine to get undressed was: 1: Mittens; 2. Hat and Mittens go in Hat; 3. Scarf; 4. Jacket; 5. Hat with Mittens and Scarf go into sleeve of Jacket; 6. Jacket on hook in cubbie/locker; 7. Snow pants into bag; 8. Boots in bag; 9. Sneakers on. For some of our students, the steps to accomplish going out to recess or coming in can be overwhelming or time consuming. So the more, as adults, we can help them with organization and practice, the more successful our students will be. 

Have a great, long weekend!