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Principal's Message


Hello, Parents and Guardians of DES Students!

I hope this email finds you and your families happy and well! The days are continuing to get longer and the sun has been shining
more and more each week! Pretty soon the trails on Ragged Mountain won't have any snow on them and we will be swimming in
Newfound Lake.

Thank you!
Thank you again for your flexibility and support during these times of change. From what I have observed on Google Classroom
and the paper and pencil packets that students are working on, it appears the children have been diligent to keep up with skill
development during this extended remote learning period. Our teachers and support staff members have also been working hard
to provide engaging and grade level appropriate activities for the children to participate in. Thank you for your continued support
and efforts throughout this process! The children of Danbury are fortunate to have such a strong team supporting them.

What was formerly known as "April Vacation"- AKA Next Week
The DES classroom teachers, specialists, and support staff members have been communicating plans for next week with parents
and students. As you may know, the NASD School Board approved the plan for next week at Wednesday evening's (April 22)
meeting. April 4th-April 8th 'count' as school days for our students and our teachers. DES students have access to enrichment
activities prepared by DES teachers, specialists, and support staff members. Students in grades K-5 will have the same activities.
The engaging and enriching opportunities are all centered on the theme of Earth Day and are intended to provide fun and
collaborative games for children and families throughout the entire week. The DES teachers will be working from home to continue
planning and preparing for upcoming remote learning opportunities.  For the most part, teachers will not be connecting directly
with students next week. 

DES Specials
The amazing DES Specialists Teachers (Mrs. Plankey, Miss Grady, Mrs. Kernen, Mrs. Connor, and Mrs. Plante-Reneaud) ask that
students spend some time next week catching up on ICT, Music, Phys. Ed. Guidance, and Art assignments that are posted in their
Google Classroom. With this, all of the specialist teachers will be using Google Meet to check-in with DES students next Thursday,
April 30th. Students in grades K-2 will be invited to meet at 9am. Students in grades 3-5 will be invited to meet at 9:30am on that
day. The link to the Google Meet will be posted on the Specialists Google Classroom page on Thursday, April 30th. Please contact
Mrs. Plankey (pplankey@sau4.org) if you have any questions. 

Last Days of School
As we all now know, remote learning will continue for the remainder of this school year. Per the NASD School Board meeting
Wednesday evening, the last day of school will be June 12th. The week of June 8th - 12th will be a time for students to catch up on
any remaining assignments or skills practiced that they will not have finished by Friday, June 5th. In the upcoming weeks, I will be
sharing more detailed information about what the end-of-year activities will look like for DES students. Those activities will include
celebrating our 5th grade students as they prepare to enter Newfound Memorial Middle School and organizing the collection of all
school issued Chromebooks and textbooks before the start of our summer vacation.

FREE Food Program
Many of you have chosen to participate in the district's FREE Food Service Program. Thank you! If you have not yet participated,
I strongly encourage you to do so! A vast majority of our families have signed up for the program. We would love to see 100% of
our families benefit from this free opportunity. As this program continues so has the registration process. Meals are now being
offered for pick up at DES on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. If you have not registered for meals running from
Monday, April 27th through June 12th, please use THIS LINK  to do so. 

DES Facebook 
Danbury Elementary School has taken another step in supporting communication between home and school by creating a
Facebook page. You can locate the page by searching:


Many thanks to Kim Sarfde for starting the page and for helping me and DES take this leap!

Incoming Kindergarten Students 2020-2021
As of today, I have 10 incoming kindergarten students on my roster for next year! If you have a child that will be entering
kindergarten in Danbury next school year please send me an email or leave a voicemail at school (768-3434), if you have not
already done so. I will be mailing kindergarten registration packets to parents in early May.

Last but not least, Mrs. Pam Plankey has created a fun "video" that includes all of the pictures we have of our DES Carin' Cairns.
Please check out this 2:15 video by clicking HERE! If you have additional pictures to share with us please email them to me.
We would be happy to include them in the video! This video is also accessible on our Facebook page.

Happy Friday everybody!!!
All of us at DES miss all of you!



Hello, DES Parents and Guardians!

I hope this email finds you and your family well and adjusted to the new routines of what remote learning looks like in your home. 

Tomorrow, Friday April 3rd, we will all be finishing our second week of remote learning and our third week away from DES. Our
DES teachers and support staff are definitely missing the day-to-day interactions we have with our students and our students
are missing the sense of community and teamwork we have when working together at school. This has not been an easy transition
for any of us, especially for you as families. With this, we at DES have developed an idea that might serve as a visual way to bring
us together as we work from our homes.

As you may know, a CAIRN is a pile of rocks or a heap of stones that is put in place by human hands. Often cairns serve as hiking
trail markers to keep pathways visible during dense fog or to serve as markers that appear at memorable trail overlooks. 

It seems fitting for Danbury to use such a marker to represent the pathway of remote learning throughout our community during
this foggy time. With this, we ask that each family consider developing a cairn  somewhere in their yard where others can see it
when passing by on the road. Cairns throughout our community may serve as the pathway of student learning in our town, a
visual representation of togetherness for all that pass by, a representation of care for others throughout our community, state,
nation, and our world. 

Please consider helping your children (safely) construct such a heap at your home. We also ask that, if your family chooses to
participate, that you take a picture of your cairn and email it to me (aroberts@sau4.org). We will create an online space where all
of the images can be shared with our community!  Feel free to include your children and family in the picture, if you would like. As
we all know, DES ROCKS! and DES cares! The DES cairns can be called "Carin' Cairns". Thank you for considering this request. 

There is one more important piece to the recipe for togetherness and care. We will be creating a DES t-shirt that represents the
2020 Term 3 remote learning experience. It is my hope that the t-shirt design will be a result of student ideas and efforts and will
ultimately serve as another physical reminder for students that when we work together we can succeed! It is my goal to have
t-shirts printed for every DES student and available by the end of this school year if not before. Students are asked to submit
ideas for t-shirt designs to their classroom teachers electronically or via paper and pencil packet returns. An example t-shirt
design is attached to this email to serve as a model for students. Children can use pencils and crayons to give us their ideas.
If your child chooses to submit an image to be considered for the t-shirt design, please have the document to your child's teacher
no later than Friday, April 17th. 

Thank you all for everything you are doing! 

I look forward to seeing "Carin' Cairns" throughout Danbury!



Good afternoon DES Parents and Guardians!

If you are receiving this email you have shared with me that your DES child(ren) is in need of paper and pencil learning resources rather than resources posted online via Google Classroom. Many of you do have some access to the internet, but may not have enough consistent access to support what is needed for your child(ren) to access online learning at home. This is not a problem! As you know, almost every DES student has a school issued Chromebook at home and has access to their Google Classroom when the internet is available. When the children can access their Google Classroom it is GREAT! When they cannot access it they can still use hard copies to support their learning. The paper and pencil activities may not be exactly the same as the electronic resources, but they are all connected to the same learning standards.

How do I get my child's work to the teachers?
Many of you have have paper and pencil activities at home that your children have already completed. There are a few ways that you can "turn the work in" for teachers to review. 
1. Take pictures of the work and email it to your child's teacher. There have been several families that have opted to use this form of "work submission". If this is an easy route for you to take, please do.
2. Drop the work off at DES on Friday morning when a member of your family stops by DES to acquire 3 FREE meals (breakfasts and lunches) per student. I will be at DES each Friday morning from 8am -11am to take the completed work. I will then scan documents to the appropriate teachers. There have been several families that handed work to me last Friday via this same method and it worked well.

3. Mail completed work to DES. If you choose to mail the work to DES, I will pick it up at the Danbury Post Office each Friday morning. Unfortunately, it will cost you money to mail the work to DES. I recommend that you have somebody drop the work off at DES for you rather than spending money on postage. 

How do I get more work from the teachers for my child?

DES teachers have been developing learning packets that cover 2 weeks of learning for each child. This means that every other Friday, packets will be ready for the next two weeks of learning. THIS FRIDAY, April 3rd, will be the end of the first two week cycle.
New packets will be ready THIS FRIDAY for parent and guardian pick up at DES (8am-11am). We chose the Friday 8am-11am time slot to support parents. We are hoping that you will also be taking advantage of the FREE meals and will be visiting DES in that same time slot.

If you are not able to pick up materials at DES every other Friday (April 3rd and April 10th), please contact me and we will come up with an alternative plan that will work for your family.

Some of you may have already made alternative plans with Mrs. Colleen Abbey. If you have already made plans to gain and give work to Mrs. Abbey, please use the plans you made with her. 

The DES teachers and support staff and our superintendent's office personnel recognize the extra effort you as parents and guardians are putting forth to support your child's remote learning. Thank you! As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. We are all here to help!



Good afternoon, Parents and Guardians of DES!

I send this email to:
  • say HELLO to you and your family;
  • encourage you to take advantage of the FREE MEALS that will be delivered to DES on Tuesdays (8am-11am) and Fridays (8am-11am); and,
  • let you know that the entire DES teaching team, support staff, and our superintendent's office is working to support you and your family throughout the remote learning experience.
I understand that you have been inundated with email communication from our school and district over the last week. With this, I intentionally did not add to your email inbox with large group emails from me. Our superintendent, Stacy Buckley, has done very well to keep us all up-to-date and well informed. I have focused my communication efforts on connecting with parents and guardians via telephone. I have reached out to most of our families multiple times this week via telephone - answering questions and directing resources. Please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone or email at any time, with any questions or concerns you may have. Many days I will be working from home, just as our teachers and students are doing. If you call DES (768-3434) and leave a voicemail, your message will go directly to my email inbox and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

FREE Meals!
This is update information per Stacy Buckley's email and telephone communication with all Newfound Area School District families yesterday and today. Every student in our district will have access to free breakfast and lunch. PLEASE consider participating in this wonderful opportunity to obtain 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for each of your children that are enrolled in one of our district schools. Free meals may be picked up at DES on Tuesdays (8am-11am) and Fridays (8am-11am). Be sure to register your family for these meals so enough food is brought each day. The registration can be found on the SAU4.org website (COVID-Updates, Food Service Student Order Form)  and is accessible HERE. If you need assistance registering for these meals (it may be difficult for those of you without internet), please let me know and I can help.

Go TEAM!- Together, we can do this!
The Newfound Area School District and Danbury Elementary School are striving to support you as parents and guardians while you directly support your children. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family throughout this process! If you would like to schedule a video conference with me, I would be happy to meet with you and / or your DES child(ren) remotely via Zoom or Google Hangouts/Meets

Many parents and guardians have sent me emails and left voicemails for me with encouraging and kind words in support of our teachers. Thank you! Our teaches are working very hard! We also know that you as parents and guardians are also working very hard. Thank you!



 Good morning, Parents and Guardians of DES!

I imagine that many of you are wondering about the Prize Speaking Preliminary Round that was scheduled for today, February 6th at 12:15pm. Today's school cancelation due to weather is forcing us to reschedule the event to Monday, February 10th at 12:15pm.

The preliminary round takes place in our multi purpose room and you are all invited! 

The evening event is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11th at 5:30pm here at DES. All kindergarten students are welcome and invited to attend and present their poems during the evening event. Holding the preliminary round on Monday, the day before the evening event, does not give parents and guardians much time to make plans to attend on Tuesday evening.Only the top 4 competitors from each grade level (1st grade - 5th grade) will be invited to present their poems that night. During the afternoon / early evening of February 10th (after the preliminary round), I will be contacting the parents and guardians of students in grades 1-5  that qualify to participate in the evening event on February 11th. Please plan to attend the evening event so you will be ready in the event that your child qualifies. In addition, all students and families are welcome and invited to join our audience during the evening event.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

We hope to see you at these special events! 



Hello, Parents and Guardians of DES students!

Happy Friday!

The first deliberative session for the 2020-2021 Newfound Area School District budget will be taking place TOMORROW morning, February 1st. The important meeting will start at 10am at our Newfound Regional High School. We hope to see you there!  

DES @ Ragged Mountain:
  • Mr. Terry Gregg, the Director of the Ragged Mountain Ski School Program, has been very impressed with the skiing and riding that our students have been demonstrating! He and his wonderful team of instructors have also been impressed with the high level of kindness and respect our students have been showing toward others while on the mountain. These positive reports make us all proud and remind us of just how lucky we are to be part of DES.
  • Next Wednesday, February 5th, will be our last DES / Ragged Mountain Ski Club date. Thank you for sending extra snacks and a water bottle to school with your child(ren) on that day. Thank you also for picking your child(ren) up on time. We have been very fortunate to have everybody arrive promptly this season and we are grateful for that. Some of our youngest skiers and riders get tired very quickly and their parents and guardians have been able to arrive a bit early to take them home. Thank you very much for your flexibility! We truly desire to make the ski experience fun for children, so they will return to the mountain in future years.
Prize Speaking:
  • The preliminary round of our Annual Bertha Brown Prize Speaking will be talking place next week!!! All students in grades K-5 will present their poems to our audience on February 6th. This event will start promptly at 12:15pm and you are all invited!
  • The evening event will take place on February 11th and will start at 5:30pm. Although only 4 students from each grade level (1st -5th grade) will participate in the evening event competition, all students and families are welcome to attend! Our kindergarten students are all invited to share their poems during intermission times. We hope to see you there!

The Danbury Community Center has asked that I attach a special invitation to this email. Please check out the flyer for the fun event they have scheduled for this Sunday, February 2. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello Parents and Guardians of DES students!

Happy Friday!

  • DES will be heading to Ragged Mountain again next Wednesday, January 29th and the following Wednesday, February 5th. We will NOT be going to Ragged Mountain on February 12th as this is an early release day from school for students. Miss Ross will be sending a reminder email about that scheduling change. The children are loving the slopes, as we expected! Please be sure to pack extra snacks and drinks with your child on ski-club days. We have had very thirsty kiddos in the lodge without access to water fountains. An extra water bottle in each bag will help them to stay happy and well hydrated.Thank you!
  • Our Annual Bertha Brown Prize Speaking event is right around the corner! The preliminary event is scheduled for February 6th (12:15pm) at DES and you are all invited! The students in grades 1-5 who receive the 4 highest scores from each grade level will be invited back to participate in the final event. The evening event will be held on February 11th from 5:30pm to approximately 6:30pm. All kindergarten students will be invited to share their poems during the intermission periods of the evening competition. All DES families are welcome to attend! 
  • The Newfound Area School District 1st Deliberative Session for the 2020-2021 Budget Process is scheduled for Saturday, February 1, 2020. This IMPORTANT meeting will start at 10:00am at our Newfound Regional High School. We hope to see you there! 
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Good afternoon, Parents and Guardians of DES students!

Happy Friday!

I send this email to share information about our exciting upcoming

 DES Annual Bertha Brown Prize Speaking event!

For more than 50 year, DES students have been memorizing and reciting a poem at the special event. Your child(ren) will be sent home with the informational letter about the event and an attached rubric, TODAY. Students in grades K-3 are still choosing their poems. Students in grades 4-5 have already chosen a poem and will be bringing their poem home TODAY for parents and guardians to approve. The details and the dates for the event are included in the letter. A copy of the letter is also attached to this email.

Please connect with me if you have any questions about this exciting event!

Spirit Week! (December 16-20th)
Next week will be Spirit Week at DES! Feel free to have your children join us in this holiday fun! 

Monday morning, 12/16/19 - Students will be participating in the 3rd annual Holiday Shoppe. Don't be surprised when your child(ren) comes home with wrapped gifts for family members. Thank you for your generous contributions and donations to the event. Our children will have a wonderful time gaining a deeper spirit of giving!

Monday -  Holiday Colors
Tuesday - Fun Socks
Wednesday - Sweater Day
Thursday - Hat Day
Friday - Comfy Cozy Day (wear your most comfortable outfit to school!)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Hello, Parents and Guardians of DES students!

I send this email to provide you with a few pieces of information and quick reminders!

  • Picture retakes arrived to DES today and are being sent home with students unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • An updated blue medical information form is being sent home with several of our kindergarten students. If your child has one in his or her backpack, please complete it and return it to DES as soon as possible (please contact our amazing nurse, Mrs. Stacy Maclean (smaclean@sau4.org) if you have any questions).
  • The 3rd annual DES Holiday Shoppe for students will be taking place on Monday, December 16th, during the school day. Students will be able to pick out gifts (donated items) for their immediate family members. All gifts will be wrapped and sent home with students on that day (no peeking!!!). Mrs. Jessica Adams is organizing the event again this year. Thank you, Mrs. Adams! Please contact her if you would like to volunteer as an elf or if you would like to donate items for the shoppe (jadams1@sau4.org).
  • This Wednesday, December 11th will be an EARLY RELEASE for students. All DES students will be dismissed at 12:00pm. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have alternative dismissal plans for your son or daughter on that day. 
  • PROJECT PROMISE (the after school program) will NOT be in session on Wednesday, December 11th or Thursday, December 19th. Please be sure to inform Nurse MacLean (smaclean@sau4.org) if you have alternative PM dismissal plans for your child on those days. 
  • See below for a list of remaining 2019-2020 school days when Project Promise WILL NOT be in session.

December: Wednesday 11th, Thursday 19th – Tuesday 31st


January: Wednesday 1st, Wednesday 15th, Monday 20th

February: Wednesday 12th, Thursday 20th, Monday 24th – Thursday 27th

March: Thursday 19th

April: Thursday 9th, Thursday 23rd, Monday 27th – Thursday 30th

May: Wednesday 13th, Monday May 25th

Good morning, parents and guardians of DES students!

Winter has definitely arrived at DES! 

It is now 9:40am on November 12th and our first 'winter outdoor recess' has begun!

Please be sure to send you child(ren) to school with a full set of winter gear, each day.
  • Winter Boots to change into for recess
  • Hat
  • Mittens or Gloves
  • Winter Jacket
  • Snow Pants
The Bristol Community Center and the Danbury Community Center are both encouraging Danbury families to visit them to obtain FREE winter gear for students. Please do not hesitate to stop by either location to outfit your child(ren).

On November 14th (5:00pm - 6:00pm), The Bristol Community Center (BCC) is hosting another winter gear giveaway event! Thank you Sue Colby and the BCC!

The Danbury Community Center (DCC) has been giving away winter gear since November 8th. Please visite whenever they are open and Kendra will help you out! Thank you, Kendra and the DCC! 

The DCC Hours are:
Monday & Tuesday, 9am - 2pm
Thursday & Friday, 9am - 2pm

Hello, Parents and Guardians of Danbury Elementary School.

Thank you VERY MUCH for attending our Parent / Teacher Conferences last night and this morning! Those conversations are so important for school to home communication!

As you know, our official parent conferences are only held once in a while. Please feel free to call, email, or drop by DES to share any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments you have about your child's experience and education at our school. We welcome and look forward to parent input!

I have a couple reminders for you as you prepare for the LONG weekend. 
  • School will be closed on Monday, November 11th (Veteran's Day).
  • Picture retakes will be held on Tuesday, November 12th
  • DES PTO meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 12th from 5:30pm - 6:30pm.
  • We have another Early Release for students on Wednesday, November 26th (right before the Thanksgiving Break). Please be sure to let our Main Office know if you are planning alternative PM dismissal plans for your child(ren) that day.
On November 14th, The Bristol Community Center (BCC) is hosting another winter gear giveaway event! Sue Colby from the BCC contact me today and asked that I strongly encourage Danbury families to attend the November 14th (5:00pm-6:00pm) event to gain warm winter gear. 

There are also a couple Newfound community connections attachments to this email.  
  • Students of NRHS have asked that I pass along their 2019 Annual Canned Food Drive flyer.
  • The Danbury Community Center (DCC) is a great place to get FREE winter gear! Santa will be visiting the DCC, too! Please check out the attached DCC flyer.
Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND and THANK YOU to all of our veterans! 

DES Friday Reminders!
Monday, September 30th
School Picture Day 8:00am
If you are planning to purchase pictures, please send the completed order form in with your child(ren) on Monday morning. You will also be able to order pictures online, if you would like.
DES Open House 5 pm – 6 pm 
Scholastic Book Fair 4 pm-8 pm
This year the DES Scholastic Book Fair will be held at the Danbury Community Center (DCC). We moved the fair to the DCC so parents and community members could have increased access to the book sales. PLEASE be sure to visit the fair and thank Kendra Braley for hosting the event. Your child(ren) will be coming home TODAY with a flyer for this event. 
The Book Fair will be open at the DCC on:
Monday, Sept. 30th 4pm-8pm
Tuesday, Oct. 1st 11am-1pm
Wednesday, Oct. 2 3pm-6pm
It is not too late to register your child(ren) for the dental or flu-clinics at DES! Please email Nurse Stacy MacLean (smaclean@sau4.org) if you need additional registration forms.


Happy Friday afternoon, Parents and Guardians of DES students!

We made it through the first 5 day week at DES and things are really starting to roll around here! Our students are gaining familiarity with the routines in their classrooms and are engaging more deeply in their academic learning, each day. The new faces at DES (including our new students, staff, district level service providers, and district administrators) have quickly become part of our school family and have already added to the warm, welcoming, and supportive environment at DES. If you happen to be visiting DES on a Friday, you might be lucky enough to meet Ms. Nancy Coffin. Ms. Coffin is new to SAU #4 and visits DES every Friday (for a portion of the day) to collaborate with teachers as they strive to meet the behavioral needs of our students. Although she is new to our District, she is an experienced educator. We are lucky to have her on board!

Last Friday, 9/6/19, we sent each child home with information about a FREE dental clinic that is offered for every student. This wonderful opportunity is being offered to all students in the Newfound Area School district and is totally FREE of charge for families. So far, there are about 10-15 DES students that will be receiving this dental benefit. There is still time to register! If you have not yet sent your registration in (bright pink paper), please send it in soon. If you need another registration form, let me know and I will get one to you ASAP.

There is a snack time every day at DES, in each classroom. Thank you for sending snacks to school each day with your child(ren). There is not an opportunity for children at DES to purchase snacks from the kitchen, so it is important that they bring something from home for snack time. We are fortunate enough to have a fresh fruit or vegetable available every day for every child. 

Today, your child will come home with the following paperwork in his or her backpack:

  • (Blue 1/2 sheet) September 15-21 Lunch Menu - Please select the meal for your child (or have them select the meal :)) for each day and return it to DES on Monday. If you will be sending in a lunch from home, please write HOME for that (those) days. This helps us to order lunches accurately and efficiently each school day morning. 
  • (Pink full sheet) Reminders & Tips from our Nurse, Mrs. Stacy MacLean - 
    • Reminders - Early Release for ALL SAU#4 School Wednesday, September 18th. DES students will be released at 12:00pm. Be sure to let the office know if you have alternative PM dismissal plans for your child on Early Release days! Project Promise, our after school program, will NOT be in session on early release days.
    • DES Open House / Picture Day / Scholastic Book Fair will be held on September 30! Open House will run from 5:00pm - 6:00 pm. We hope to see you there! This year, our Scholastic Book Fair will be held at the Danbury Community Center (DCC). This change in location will allow parents and community members to have additional access to the book fair. More details will be coming soon about this.
    • Tips for parents - Cold and Flue Season is upon us! Please check out Nurse MacLean's suggestions and give her a call if you have any questions about your child's wellness.
  • (Blue full sheet) Flu Clinic For Students (informational letter) - Please review the letter and contact Nurse MacLean if you have any questions. This is another unique and FREE wellness opportunity offered through our district. Please consider permitting your child to participate in the flu clinic. 
  • Vaccination Consent Form (2019-2020 Influenza Vaccination)  - This is the permission slip that will allow your child to participate in the flu-clinic.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns  you may have about DES. Also, feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas as to how we can make our school an even better place for children to learn.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Friday, parents and guardians of DES!

We had another GREAT week at DES! 

This week we welcomed Mrs. Stacy MacLean to our DES team! Mrs. MacLean is our school nurse! Feel free to stop by our main office / nurse's office to meet her and say hello!

The Annual DES PTO Pancake Breakfast will be held at DES tomorrow morning from 7:30am-9:30am. Our PTO is still looking for parents to help with this fundraising event. If you aren't able to help, no worries! You are still invited to attend and purchase breakfast for your family! 😀

Please mark September 30th as an important day on your calendar. On this day we will have our student PICTURE DAY as well as our evening OPEN HOUSE. Picture order forms will be sent home soon. Open House will be held from 5pm-6pm that evening. We hope to see every family at this event.

Your child(ren) were went home with the following papers in their backpacks. Please be sure to check them out!
  • Blue - next weeks lunch order! Please complete the order for the week and return it to DES on Monday (so we can be sure your child is served the lunch you would like them to have). If you are sending your child to school with a lunch from home, please write HOME on the menu and return it with your child.
  • Tan - Dental Clinic Information Letter - PLEASE read this letter and consider taking advantage of this FREE dental clinic to be held at DES. 
  • Pink - Dental Screening and Preventive Services Permission Slip - This is the permission slip that allows your chil to participate in the dental clinic. If you would like to participate, please complete and return the permission slip ASAP! We are already starting to schedule visits.
  • Green - Newfound Area School District - Senate Bill SB 247 "Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning from Paint and Water" information letter from our facilities director, Mr. Matt Bennet. 
  • Orange - Tapply Thompson Community Center 2019 Fall/Winter Crusader Newsletter
And, one more thing.... DES is still seeking a few energetic people to fill open part-time and full-time paraeducator positions. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the available positions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alison Roberts

Dear Students and Families of Danbury Elementary School,

The 2019-2020 school year is right around the corner and DES is almost ready for children to arrive! The interior of our building is receiving the final polishing touches and our new playground is nearly complete, thanks to our district facilities crew, a strong team of parents, grandparents, and community members. As summer activities begin to wind down, please start thinking about and planning for the beginning of school. Please consider joining us for the following events!

August 22nd - 5:00pm-6:00pm - DES Ice Cream Social / Playground Ribbon Cutting!

Please bring your family to enjoy Jordan’s Ice Cream and celebrate the completion of our new playground! Nothing beats ice cream except a new playground!

August 27th - 1:00 pm-2:00pm – Kindergarten Open House! (For K students and their parents)

Miss Alexis Mayne, our newly hired kindergarten teacher, and I will meet with incoming K students and their parent and guardians to introduce them to the classroom and answer questions. We will also have a school bus on hand, so children can experience sitting on the bus together. There may even be a short ride offered to children, parents, and guardians.

August 28th – First Day of School! 

All students and parents are welcome to enter our building from 7:00am-7:30am. At 7:30am, we will start our academic day and children will head to classrooms with their teachers and classmates. Please contact me at DES if you have any questions about our school day or student transportation. Students that come to school on the school bus will be warmly greeted and welcomed into our multi-purpose-room. The 2019-2020 school calendar can be found at thisLINK.

New Faces at DES

This school year will bring a few new faces to our DES teaching team. We welcome Miss Alexis Mayne to serve as our kindergarten teacher! Miss Mayne is a graduate of Plymouth State College and is very ready and excited to work with our group of incoming kindergarten students. Miss Mia Brickley will teach our first grade students. Miss Brickley is a recent graduate of Keene State College and lives in the Lakes Region. The addition of a first grade teacher will allow our kindergarten and first grade student to have individual grade level classrooms and academic learning time for much, if not all, of the school day. We also welcome Miss Hannah Grady to SAU #4! Miss Grady is also a recent graduate of Plymouth State University and will serve as the K-5 elementary music teacher for all four of our district’s elementary schools.

School Supplies

This year, throughout the Newfound Area School District, parents and guardians are asked to provide general school supplies for their child(ren). The list below outlines the supplies being requested for students in grades K-5. Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Kindergarten--2nd Grade List:
· Student Backpack
· Wooden Pencils, No. 2 Soft Lead, 12 pack
· Crayons, 24/Box
· Elmer’s Washable School Glue Sticks, .77 oz, 6 needed
· Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 12 needed
· 2-Pocket Folders---4 needed
· Pencil Box
· Highlighters, Chisel end,
· Winter months--a reusable shopping bag for snow pants, boots, hat and mittens

3rd --5th Grade List:
· Student Backpack
· Wooden Pencils, No. 2 Soft Lead, 12 pack
· Crayons, 24/Box
· Colored Pencils, 24/Box
· Elmer’s Washable School Glue Sticks, .77 oz, 6 needed
· Expo Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 12 needed
· 2-Pocket Folders---4 needed
· Pencil Box
· Highlighters, Chisel end, Assorted, 12 needed
· Single subject notebooks--2 needed
· Winter months--a reusable shopping bag for snow pants, boots, hat and mittens

The Danbury Community Center (DCC) sponsored a ‘Backpack Drive” and will be giving out FREE backpacks with school supplies. The event is going to be held on August 17th from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Please consider grabbing a FREE backpack with supplies for each school-age child in your home on that day! If you are unable to visit the DCC on August 17th, please connect with Kendra Braley at the DCC to make alternative arrangements (768-3424).

Student Arrival Each Day
Our school will be in session 7:30 am-2:00 pm. Our doors open at 7:00 am for student arrival. Parents and guardians may not drop students off prior to 7:00 am. A school representative will welcome children into the building at 7:00 each morning. This will serve as a signal that our school is open. Students will gather in the multi-purpose room and will be supervised by DES staff members. Non-school adults will be asked to exit student areas during arrival and throughout the regular school day. Please contact me directly if there may be an extenuating circumstance that might require an exception to our student arrival procedures.

DES Breakfast, Snacks, and Lunch
Attached to this email is the 2019-2020 Free / Reduced Lunch application. If your family qualified for free or reduced school meals last year, a new application must be filled out to quality for this year. Please consider completing and submitting the application and sending it to our School Administrative Unit (SAU) Office, as soon as possible. You may return the document to DES if you would like us to deliver it to our SAU. Mailed applications should be sent to:

Newfound Area School District
Attn: Danica Spain
20 North Main Street
Bristol, NH 03222

Students will have an option to purchase breakfast, lunch, milk, and a variety of snack items. Each student will have an account. Parents and guardians may contribute to their child’s account electronically through the MySchoolBucks account or send money to school in an envelope to be delivered to our food service personnel. The MySchoolBucks electronic link can be found by accessing the Parent/Community tab at the top of our www.sau4.org webpage. Use this LINK to access Cafe Service's menu and information. Use this LINK to access "My School Bucks".

Project Promise
Project Promise is funded through a grant from the 21st Century Community Learning Center. The program runs from 2:30-5:30 pm, Monday through Thursday at our school. The fee for this valuable program is $8.00 per student per day with opportunities for reduced rates. Please contact Sue Seaverns, (sseaverns@sau4.org 744-6006 ext. 1525) the NASD Director of Project Promise, if you would like additional information. More information about Project Promise can be found at this LINK.


I am very excited to see what this year will bring for our children! I look forward to hearing your thoughts as to how we might make our school an even better place, together, for the benefit of children. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Alison Roberts
Danbury Elementary School