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Principal's Message

Parents and Guardians,
It is Thursday night and I am sitting at my kitchen table, doing some schoolwork. I can’t believe that it is already March! Where has this school year gone? I am watching parts of two basketball games on the TV. You see, it is almost the start of March Madness!

For those of you who do not follow sports, March Madness is the tournament for college basketball at the Division I level (men’s and women’s). Right now, different teams are competing for their conference title. This week I was reading about the game between St. John’s and Georgetown. When all the conference title games are finished, Sunday night there will be a show on ESPN to reveal the 67 game brackets in the NCAA Tournament. Once the brackets become public, many people will start to fill out the chart, selecting the winners of each game and coming up with the four teams that will head to the Men’s Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona. Some individual people will join different “pools” or submit their brackets online to compete against friends and co-workers to see who can pick the most game winners throughout the tournament.

Whether I will fill out the women’s or men’s brackets depends upon the year and which friends are participating. It is fun just to keep track of how well I do guessing who will make it into the Final Four. In the end, I am usually about 70% accurate on my selections throughout the tournament. I don’t get too competitive with my friends unless I am in the lead.

If you are a sports junkie, you understand all of this…..but if you aren’t, you are probably wondering what is the big deal in all this March Madness and “Bracketology” business.
Have a great weekend!