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Physical Education with Mrs. Frost

We have had the good fortune of having PSU student, Mr. Lydon, assist with our PE classes during the fall semester. Students have enjoyed having him help with the PE skills and activities. This experience with me has helped prepare him for his student teaching next year. We are in the final week with Mr. Lydon and we thank him and wish him well as he moves on at Plymouth State University.

PE classes have been working on spacial awareness, moving safely in and around others, and working in general space and personal space. We work on a lot of locomotor movements that include skipping, jumping, sliding, running, hopping, and galloping. These movements connect with many activities and sports that we do in everyday play and activity. The movements also connect to many of the skills that are learned in PE.

Students work every week on the components of fitness: muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Many fitness activities are included as part of our warm-up procedures. Grade 5 has been gearing up for the strength testing for the Fitnessgram Assessment. Children exercise in many ways in group and partner activities. Music is added to help make exercise more fun. Exercise with a buddy is always more fun too!

Throughout the month of November, the students worked on a “Throwing and Catching” unit. Elements of the underhand throw, overhand throw, and catching skills are included in this unit. Students learn and practice with all types of balls and objects and play lead-up games to further work on their skills. One favorite activity was playing “Beano” or “Corn Hole” as some people might call it. This is a fun game using the underhand toss with a beanbag into a hole on a board. Students were also assessed on these skills using the SHAPE America PE Standards.
As we move into winter, we will focus on a “Striking” unit, starting with hockey and pilo polo (Striking with a Long-Handled Implement). We will continue to work on and improve our skills and have fun doing it! Please make sure your child has sneakers and comfortable clothing for PE inside on Wednesdays during the winter. Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season.