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Physical Education with Mrs. Frost

Students in Physical Education classes are enjoying fun indoor activities. The weather does not stop us as we move into Spring. Our K/1 students continue to explore many different locomotor and skill activities. Activities in skipping, hopping, jumping and dance movements have been enjoyed by all. Parachute fitness is another way to warm up and get exercise in PE. Our K/1 students have also practiced skills in balancing and combination movements related to gymnastics. Ball skills have been introduced with dribbling, catching, passing and rolling. Partner work is important in learning sharing and cooperation.

Second grade students have been working on a variety of locomotor movements, hoop activities, parachute fitness, and dance warm ups. They had the pleasure of trying inverted balances, balance stunts and individual stunts. They are very creative with their imaginations and creations in balance. The second graders have also been practicing ball skills using the chest pass, catching, dribbling in self-space, dribbling while walking, and dribbling and passing.

Grade 3 students have warmed up in PE doing a variety of dances, partner exercises and parachute fitness fun. Students worked on volleying and underhand skill elements for activities related to volleyball and 2-square. Assessments were done on the underhand elements. We then moved to basketball skills focusing on dribbling elements, chest pass, catching, dribbling while jogging and at different speeds, dribbling is self-space and general space. Students were assessed on dribbling at slow-moderate speeds.

Fourth grade students finished up with volleyball assessments demonstrating elements of the overhead volley. We then moved to basketball skills working on dribbling elements, dribbling in self-space and general space, increasing and decreasing speed, switching hands, and dribble, pass and shoot drills. We worked on many dribbling drills, dribbling in general space, changing directions and passing, and shooting. Assessments were completed on dribbling in general space, changing directions and speed.

Grade 5 students practiced volleyball skills using the overhead pass, forearm pass and serving. They had the opportunity to learn and practice these skills in a volleyball game setting, learning some of the rules along the way. Assessments were completed on the overhead pass. We moved on to basketball skills with focus on the elements dribbling. We practiced on dribbling drills, relays, keep-a-way and dribbling in game situations. While some students are talented with experience in basketball, others are learning more about the skills and utilizing those skills in a game situation. We are preparing for middle school activities and work on cooperation, teamwork, kindness, and diversity. The students were assessed on dribbling in a game situation using a mature pattern.

Spring is here and we are waiting for the snow to melt and things to dry up. Once the playground is safe and dry we will move outside for PE classes. Please make sure students have sneakers, water bottles, and outdoor clothing, especially for those colder morning PE classes.