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Physical Education with Mrs. Frost

February is “Heart Month” and students have been working on jumping skills at all levels. K/1 students work on locomotor skills, jumping and landing, jumping on two feet, hopping on one foot, and jumping over a long rope in various activities such as snake in the grass, ocean waves, and pendulum. The children learn to build their selfconfidence and try new challenges.

Grades 2/3 step it up a notch with higher challenges jumping with a long rope. They are excited when they have finally learned how to jump a long turning jump rope several times in a row, entering a long turning jump rope, and exiting a long turning rope. At this level, they begin to explore jumping a single rope. They learn arm and hand position on how to turn a self-turned rope and feet position as they jump their rope.

Standards at the 4/5 grade level reach higher expectations where the students should be able to demonstrate all the elements of jumping a single rope with a mature pattern. They are also working on simple self-routines with a short rope and some routines/jumping with a partner. At this level, we expect to see some additional skills like criss-cross, skier, bell, and other tricks. These students have also learned jumping with two ropes intersecting and turning simultaneously, called “Egg Beaters.” This is a fun new challenge for them.

Our upper grade PE students have also been working on practice skills in Volleyball. There are some critical skills in beginning volleyball to be mastered before students can fully understand game play. These critical skills include the overhead volley and the forearm or bump pass. We work on these skills individually, in pairs and in small groups. Students will work more on Volleyball skills and lead-up activities when we return from winter break.

PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD BRING SNEAKERS ON PE DAY!!! Winter boots and heeled shoes/boots are not appropriate or safe for athletic movement and play. Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

Enjoy doing something fun, healthy and exciting during winter break. Family time is the best time to explore new activities such as snow shoeing, winter hiking, ice skating, skiing or snow boarding, sledding, or indoor swimming. Fundraiser envelopes for the American Heart Association Jump Rope For Heart are due back the week after winter break.