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For Art’s Sake

Our DES artists have been very busy learning how to use space creatively. There have been many discoveries and discussions on how different perspectives and 2D space can change the way we look at our art. We have been experimenting with folding, cutting, and gluing paper to achieve fabulous 3D results!
Fifth grade art masters recently created strikingly bold "sunburst" paper sculptures. The designs "lift" right off of the flat 2D base! Squares of brightly colored paper was folded, origami style, and glued into different patterns. Now, we are about to finish 3D forest fir trees by folding, gluing, and cutting paper loops that have become the branches. The base is a cylinder shape that is surrounded by these branches. Sculpture "in the round" is what it is called! They are full and beautiful.

Third and fourth grade artists are concentrating on unique uses of materials. Our current project "zooms" in a close-up look (space) of branches on a fir tree. We are creating ornaments with foil and metallic markers that give the illusion of a 3D sphere. Discussions on the basic circle and how it can appear to become a "sphere" by the way we curve our designs have been on-going. They are beginning to understand the value of what "process" is in art. Look for a 3D element that actually pops off the base of these wonderful creations!

Second grade artists had fun making little dancing holiday figures in motion and are now onto their current project. They’re in the midst of finishing a jolly Santa portrait with 3D elements. They curled paper to make the beard. The results are astonishing! (wink!)

First grade and kindergarten artists have been busy! This awesome group created 
Rudolph, keeping in mind the space in which they had to create him. We reviewed background space and how to keep a happy balance between the subject and the surrounding space. We are well on our way to learning how to fill our art space- making every bit count!

All in all, it has been a busy time of year, learning and making our art. We have channeled our artistic energy into great works of art! Bravo!!! Ms. Plante-Renaud